Reading the art was always there with me from early age. But came to know about my entire interest about tattooing when I got inked for the first time and thought this where I belong to. I started tattooing professiong in the year 2015. From that day, every day is the learning & gaining experiences in this field.

After many years of working for other people, running their shops, managing their shop affairs and or just being one of the tattooist on someone else’s crew. I finally felt it was time to open my own shop. I decided it was time to let some roots grow. Ink Mantra Tattoo is the end result of all my shop experience. I am grateful to everyone that collectively participated in making Ink Mantra Tattoo Studio become a reality”

And of course, many many thanks to our clients for their loyal support and their boundless, inspirational ideas.

Vishal Fugare