Why You Should Consider a Small Tattoo

Today, tattoos are very much known and acceptable in our society. It does not have any limit.  As a tattoo artist I have seen versatility in client these days. At my tattoo parlor in Pune, I have tattooed college students, working people, house wives and even elderly people. It actually does not have any age, occupation, financial and social boundaries.

Following are the types of tattoo

  1. Script / Calligraphy tattoo
  2. Small / Miniature tattoo
  3. Conceptual tattoo
  4. Realism tattoo
  5. Tribal tattoo
  6. Colour tattoo – Water colour style tattoo and colour realism tattoo
  7. Portrait tattoo
  8. Geometric tattoo
  9. Traditional and New traditional tattoo


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So for more understanding of tattoo, let’s talk about types of tattoo.  We are progressing so fast in the tattoo industry that now we are able to deliver almost all types of tattoo provided how fair the skin tone is. 

Apart from these every tattoo artist has its own style of tattooing. So we can say there are so many tattoo styles are available from where you can choose. Yes you have to study it first which style you like the most.  We at our tattoo studio consult with our clients and discuss in detail about the type and size of tattoo before getting inked. At Inkmantra Tattoo Studio, we have one of the best tattoo artists in Pune.

Thinking about getting your first tattoo may probably makes you both excited and little nervous at the same time. You don’t have to go for a big or be dramatic with your first tattoo necessarily. Then let’s talk about very genuine question which we all face at the time of first tattoo and that is

“Should I go for a small tattoo or good size tattoo?“

Just because a tattoo is tiny doesn’t mean it is not important or special. Let me tell you one thing; do not plan the size of the tattoo first before visiting your tattoo artist at the tattoo shop. Because if you are planning for a proper concept base tattoo wherein you want to depict couple of your Memories, Emotions, want to add some script or calligraphy. Then this type of tattoo needs good space for best composition.  So go for good size tattoo. But if you are planning a script, calligraphy, symbols, signs, small element then you can definitely go for a small tattoo. We would appreciate and welcome everyone to visit us and get free consultation about your next tattoo at our tattoo shop in Warje, Pune.

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So in this article we will focus more on Small / Miniature Tattoos. 

Most of us plan for small tattoo by keeping in mind that it may be a less painful task.  But pain should not be the reason to decide whether to go for a small or big size tattoo. Discuss your ideas and thoughts with your tattoo artist and let him decide what should be the best size for that.

Some points to keep in mind when planning for a small tattoo:

1 First and very important, do not force your artist to fit your tattoo idea in a small or miniature tattoo size. Most of the times size matters for the beautification of some tattoo designs.  Therefor it is always suggested to discuss your ideas and thoughts with the tattoo artist and let him draw some thumb sketch and then decide the size.

2 One should not opt for small tattoo on big muscle e.g. Bicep is not a good placement for 1*1 inches tattoo. Artists at our tattoo studio in Pune can suggest you a better blueprint of your ideas.

3 For small or miniature tattoo, keep the tattoo more open and uncluttered. So after some time the ink of Tattoo spreads a bit and thus keeping tattoo design more open will reduce the chances of getting it smug. If the tattoo lines are very close to each other, it will definitely smug in coming time. At our tattoo studio we take care of such minute details so as to deliver the best of the art.

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4 Choosing a suitable placement (Place where to get tattoo): As far as my experience is concern, we cannot fit any tattoo size and design at any place. So once you have finalised the tattoo idea, you can now finalize the placement of the tattoo with your artist’s suggestion. Below are some best suited body parts which will compliment your miniature tattoo to the best

Best placements for Small / Miniature tattoo:

  1. Wrist
  2. Side Wrist
  3. Front Wrist
  4. Back neck
  5. Side Neck
  6. Collar Bone
  7. Side Rib
  8. Ankle
  9. Forearm
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You may ask me why not Finger Tattoos? 

Due to frequent hand wash, sun exposure there are chances of your tattoo getting infected due to inappropriate after care. So getting a tattoo on finger is not what I will suggest.

Please feel free to Email us if you have any questions. inkmantratattoostudio@gmail.com

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