Should I Get Coloured Tattoo?

Should I Get Coloured Tattoo ?

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When we decide to get a tattoo, we do a lot of research on the subject of design, where to place new tattoo? What sizes do I actually looking for? And some of us may go further and he / she decide the style of the tattoo too. But do we search on the longevity of tattoo? This question should occur first. We at Inkmantra colour tattoo studio in Pune consult with our clients and discuss in detail about the type and size of tattoo they should go for before getting inked. At our tattoo studio, we have one of the best tattoo artists in Pune.


Colour tattoo or Black ink tattoo? This plays a very important role in the term of life of tattoo. I mean to say all skin tone cannot be suggested to get a colour tattoo.

Lets understand how the tattoo actually been done. It’s an ink pigment which is deposited in the skin’s second layer which is Dermis.

beer colour tattoo on wrist
colour tattoo on wrist

You may have a question now but how the skin layer affects the colour tattoo? Let’s understand the skin, the canvas for tattoo.

Lets understand how the tattoo actually been done. It’s an ink pigment which is deposited in the skin’s second layer which is Dermis.

flower colour tattoo designs for tattoos

Skin has 3 types of Layers i.e Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis.

 1) Epidermis: One of the outer most layer of the skin. It creates our skin tone. It has special cells called Melanocytes, which produce the pigment Melanin. This amount of melanin pigment in the body decides the tone of skin, the more the melanin the darker the skin tone is.

2) Dermis: This is the second layer of skin, beneath the Epidermis. It is very important part of the skin as it contains tough Connective tissues, Hair Follicles and Sweat Glands.

3) Hypodermis: It is the home of fat and connective tissue and also the last layer of the skin.

Now you must have received the answered for your question, that tattoo ink is injected in the second layer of the skin beneath the 1st layer which has melanin contain. And melanin contain decides the colour of the skin.

Inkamantra tattoo Shop is considered as one of the best tattoo studio in Pune because we believe in educating our customers about the process and provides them the best suggestions.

How one should choose, whether to go for colour tattoo or Black ink tattoo?

As we know skin is the actual colour of the body. But there is also called Skin undertone. Skin undertone is categorised in 3 parts Warm, Cool and Neutral.

So when we have to decide whether to go for colour tattoo or black and gray or only black tattoo skin undertone helps us a lot. Let’s see how?

arrow with name colour tattoo design

This is advisable, those who have warm and cool skin undertone can opt for colour tattoos. For Neutral skin undertone it’s better to go with black ink tattoo.

colour krishna flute tattoos with meanings

How can you make out which undertone your skin has?


People those tend to show blue coloured veins are the Cool undertone. These people has bluish, pink and ruddy complexion.

The Warm skin undertone people usually have green coloured veins.

The last is neutral undertone. This is very easy to recognise the neutral undertone. People with neutral skin undertone have even complexion.

At our colour tattoo centre in Pune we take care of such minute details and educate our client on the same so as to deliver the best of the art.

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