Getting a tattoo done is similar to having a small medical procedure done on the body. The rapidly moving needles penetrate your body and settle the ink beneath the first layer of the skin. Once completed, it is a kind of open wound, which can get infected and hence requires proper care. So nobody would turn up for a medical procedure without following the doctor’s recommendation of pre-procedure care, during procedure care and post-procedure care. Same goes with the Tattoo making process. 

1) Before tattoo Preparation :
 – When a tattoo is being made, needles penetrate through the upper layer of skin leading to unwanted bleeding. So to avoid excessive bleeding
a. Do not consume alcohol 24-48 hours before the session
b. Do not take coffee
c. Do not take aspirins for pain relief
As Alcohol, Coffee and Aspirin thins the blood and result in excessive bleeding
 – Drink plenty of healthy fluids such as water, juice, soup etc. to maintain your body fluid level and keep you hydrated during the long going procedure.       Dehydration increases discomfort, headache and uneasiness.
 – If you are not feeling well due to any reason before your session, feel free to consult your artist and postpone the appointment if required.

2) Preparation on tattoo day :
 –  Cheers!!! It’s your tattoo day. It is an important day for which you have been waiting for so long. It takes an equal contribution of patience, stamina and            efforts from both the artist and the subject. To do so please follow the below points
 –  Do not skip your breakfast before your tattoo session as your body will require fuel and energy to keep going for long hours on tattoo table.
 –  Consider packing some of your favourite eatables rich in carbohydrate and protein, earphones, breath mints, water bottles etc.
 –  This will sound blunt but please do not skip shower or bath.
 –  Wear clothes which are comfortable and are suitable for tattoo placement.
 –  Do not forget your wallet to pay your bills.

3) After tattoo care :

 –  After getting your tattoo design inked at the studio, aftercare of tattoo is by far the most important aspect of your tattoo journey. Post-tattoo care should       not be taken lightly and you should know each aspect of how to take care of it.

    Please go through the following aftercare points.

     – Once the Tattoo is made, it will be covered with a transparent bandage to protect it from dust and open air. Remove the bandage only after minimum 3              hours. Give a gentle wash with mild soap and normal water. Make sure all the dry plasma and blood is washed off.
     – Once the tattoo dry i.e. after 10-15 minutes, apply a very thin layer of the provided ointment to keep it moisturised and prevent from infection.
     – Follow the above process for 3 days {2-3 times a day }
     – From 4th day onwards stop washing tattoo and stop applying the ointment.
     – As soon as you stop applying ointment it will start scabbing, this scab has to peel off naturally. Do not take it off or scratch it.
     – Avoid itching till the day your tattoo is peeled off the scab naturally.
     – Cover the newly done tattoo for first 15 days to avoid sun tanning and dust.
     – Do not let anyone touch your tattoo. It may lead to infection and make sure even when you touch your tattoo, wash your hand properly before.
     – Do not soak your tattoo; stay out of pools, hot tubs, oceans etc.
     – Do not exercise the tattooed area until all your scabs have fallen off as stretching your skin may force the scabs to leave your skin resulting in loss of               colour.
     – After 15 days from the day of tattooing, please drop by to show your tattoo. So your artist will give you the next aftercare guidelines.