1) How much is it going to cost?

– Costing of the tattoo depends on the Tattoo design, deep and more complicated design costs more as compared to easy and plain design. The minimum charge for any tattoo is Rs. 1000. Getting a permanent tattoo is not always budget and pocket-friendly for everyone but compromising with the quality of art for money is not recommended as it is going to be a permanent part of yours. 

2) Is it a painful task?

– Tattoo making is always associated with being a painful moment, but it is not actually true. The experience of having a tattoo is uniquely personal and varies from person to person. There are many factors that contribute towards making it either painful or pleasant experience. The amount of pain also depends on the part of the body where you are getting inked. 

3. Is getting the tattoo at Ink Mantra is safe? 

– As long as hygiene is a concern we follow all international safety and hygiene standards at our studio, before the tattoo, while tattooing and after tattoo. We do not compromise on the hygiene part because we want you to carry a good tattoo and not any unwanted disease. 

4. Should I carry any reference image for my tattoo idea?

– Yes, of course, it will be easy for you to convey your thoughts to the artist. The consultation process will comparatively easier and more fruitful and also the concept of art will be clearer.

5. Can I get inked even though I am not feeling well?

– This is not advisable at all, as the tattooing process needs your mental and physical strength. Tattoo needle scratches your skin and it needs white blood cells to heal properly. So better take rest, get well soon and then plan it again. 

6. Can I get the tattoo when I am drunk?

– No, a strict no to this. Tattooing is a permanent affair which cannot be finalised under the influence of alcohol. Also while drunk your body may not be in the condition to get the tattoo done. 

7. Do you charge for a consultation?

– No, we do not. 

8. How can I book my appointment?

– You can place a call for your booking on given numbers from 12 – 8 pm on all days. For more convenience, you can send us an Email @ inkmantratattoo@gmail.com or you can contact us on Facebook or Google. 

9. What are the pre and Tattoo day preparation?

– Click here to read about it. 

10. How can I show my thankful gesture after my tattoo?

– If you are happy with the quality of the tattoo and the guidance while tattooing you can appreciate your artist with tip. And you can share your appreciation us by your valuable words too.

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