About Us

Ink Mantra is founded in the year of 2015 by Vishal Fugare and co-founder by Harsha Fugare in the city of Pune, India. Since then there was no looking back. We are standing on the following principles –

1) Best services in quality Art

2) High hygiene principle

3) Uniqueness in tattoo Design

4) Easy access to every artist

Our team is a bunch of talented artists and great listeners.  Your tattoo ideas, thoughts and stories will be listened so attentively and patiently, so that you can literally see your thoughts on paper. As a team of visionary artist we create studio environment so friendly for our clients to communicate their ideas and thoughts. When you walk in you are not client for us, you are one of us. We never prefer working solely, we believe in team work.  This differentiates us from the others and thus improves our communication, art work and greater understanding.  The studio is designed to accommodate the need of our artists as well as our clients. We ensure that we maintain the cleanliness inside the studio workplace also that all our tools are properly sterilized. The entire hygiene process is carefully crosschecked between every tattoo to eliminate any sort of contamination from the environment. We assure you a safe and healthy tattoo.


We are the team of dedicated, hardworking and crazy artist, which resembles in the work we do. Every tattoo creation is challenge for us and we try to deliver the best of it. This is our commitment to our self and to our clients that we try to excel in our art every day. We help each other in all required ways.

Some of our close friends are tattoo gun, needles, pencils and brushes with whom we spend most of our time at studio than at home. And maybe this is the reason we deliver the mesmerizing tattoo art.