Ink Mantra Tattto Studio is established in the year 2013  by Vishal Fugare and Harsha Fugare in Karve Nagar, Pune. Today Ink Mantra has expanded its hands in Baner too. We are standing on the following principles

  • Best Service of quality art
  • High Hygiene Principles
  • Easy Access to every artist

Our team is bunch of talent artists and great listeners. To deliver the custom tattoos as per your requirement, ideas, thoughts and stories, our artist listens to the client patiently and then delivers the final outcome. We create a more friendly environment for our clients to express their thoughts and open up easily. Which definitely helps to create tattoo designs which resemble your thoughts and ideas. 

We believe in teamwork, dedication & never give up attitude and last but not the least is we treat you as you are one of us.The shop was designed to accommodate our artists as well as our clients’ needs. It is a propitious space in which to flourish, undergo personal transformation, and make great tattoos.

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